Thursday, July 31, 2008

Racing done?

It really feels like the race season is over. MASS is basically wrapped up and I’ve already moved on (at least mentally) to next year. I know there are two races left, Iron Hill and Bear Creek. Iron Hill was fun before, raced there once years ago. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, I’m sure I’ll actually go. Bear Creek will be fun being the wrap up event of the year and got the folks coming to town. Between those there’s the Seven Springs 24hr and it looks I might do that on a team. But what I realize is that my racing mindset is gone. Is it just the break? Weeks off between races? Does this cause the “high” to go missing.. Either way I’ve kinda switched gears, for me anyway. I feel the change and I know, it seems a little too early. I have the chiver’s of winter on my mind. The riding on snow, the bundling of layers. It is still 90+ degree’s out, right?

Perhaps it’s because of riding at Wissa again this past weekend. I guess my last time riding there was before the racing season and it was probably winter. I had a great ride, felt oddly familiar but different. Kept it easy at unusual times but found myself pushing harder in other spots that’d I’d usually slow. Felt some changes in my abilities and I know there was a big smile on my face just enjoying the ride.

Then there’s the ever present fall/winter racing known as Cross on the horizon.. I know there are many out there looking forward to Cross and have all season. Many of those, Cross is their racing season. I’ve just never got into a race where I’m supposed to intentionally carry/run with my bike. Maybe I’ll try a few with the hardtail this year but I’ve had to run (oh.. wait.. probably just push) that before and well, it’s just a little heavy. But I’m certainly not ready to throw money into a cross bike. The wet slimy mud aspect.. yea, that could call to me. I guess fall will tell.

But this upcoming weekend I’ll be ‘spectator extraordinaire’ again at a road crit. I look forward to seeing many familiar faces. It’s a great course (Doylestown Crit). And it’s another form of racing I haven’t got into… road racing… trusting all those around me, the hard asphalt below… No thanks, I’d prefer the rocks.

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