Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Freakin' toe

What's in a toe... besides being ugly and painful

Managed to make it through most of the day yesterday with minimal pain. Wore open toe shoes to work and let’s just say they didn’t look good or seem right to be wearing to work. Toe looked like crap but was still thinking maybe it would just heal up and keep that minimal pain.

Last night was a complete shitty night for multiple reasons. I finally just called it a day and went to “sleep” when our young pup decided to STEP ON MY TOE!! I basically fell to the f’ing ground, it scared the crap out of me and the young pup so my next few minutes were just comforting him verses dealing with my own pain. He got over it much quicker than me. I had been impressed with the boy's staying off my wounds.. but it had to happen at some point I guess.

Toe throbbed all night. Slept like crap. Toe looks like crap. Beginning to consider that a doctor’s visit might be necessary. I hate going to the f’ing doctor. Maybe tomorrow.

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