Sunday, July 20, 2008

MTB Nationals

This weekend was the MTB Nationals in Mt. Snow Vermont. It was a great weekend just enjoying all the hanging out time and seeing all the racing and racers. This was the first time I'd watched the pro's go at it, first time I had pro's giving me some advice here and there on the trail during the pre-riding, and it was just fun.

My race went pretty decent, got off the line clean and hit the climb in second position. But throughout the climb I lost some spots and headed backwards. I figured I was in 5th or 6th spot by the end of the first half mile climb and by this point various groups were all mixed together. I kept my pace and trudged on. After the first half mile climb that came back down to the start/finish area we started the real climbing, guessing around 3 miles of various steepness. Numerous racers were off their bikes walking and I’d pass but I really wasn’t sure what my position might be. I knew from my pre-ride when the downhill fun was about to begin and I couldn’t wait. Close to a mile of fast twisty flowing singletrack with mostly roots and a few rocks thrown in. As I made the last turn before the real descending began I saw a girl I knew was in my class, I passed her as we entered the singletrack and began the fun. Little did I know that she was in second. I don't think either of us did! Throughout the decent I wasn’t certain how close she was so I just hammered it. Flew through the downhill and kept it in my big-ring for the last half mile sprint. Not sure if she had backed of but I had put over 3 minutes on her in the decent. First had still finished 5 minutes ahead of me though.

Considering the amount of climbing and being Nationals, I wasn’t too upset with 2nd. Plus it marks my last beginner race.

Good news is that my toe pain has decided to subside!!! Can't say it really looks any better but I won't complain! Though this week will actually include a doctor visit, the poison ivy from Marysville is still alive & spreading... figure I'll show the doc the toe while I'm there

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