Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heading to VA...Hoo-Ha Kenda Cup #2

Last weekend brought hubby venturing to the Mohican 100 in Ohio only to have an ‘incident’ end his day early to venture back home for a quick bike repair and joining me at Iron Hill but not to spectate, now he’d be racing the enduro. I had already opted to do the 3 lap sport event since my schedule doesn’t have me doing a lot of the MASS races, maybe 5-6 but it’s not like my results would put me in contention for a top 3 in the series by doing 7 anyway. Just figured I’d stick with the sport class.

As hubby and I ventured across the state line into Delaware the rain started. Now considering all of us were expecting a dry race based on the forecasts, something out there was letting us know we were all in store for another mud experience at some level. It stopped by race time but it was enough to make some sections of the course muddy goo. Still a fun course overall though, even with the mega dip being taken out because of the conditions.

Now I hadn’t had a great week before, some late nights and wasn’t feeling my spunkiest but these 3 laps pretty darn near killed me. Last year I did the 4 hour enduro and actually went out with something like 2 minutes to go because I wanted another lap. This year, 3 laps and 2 ½ hours and there isn’t a chance I could have done another lap. Proven by my DFL finish.

Since Iron Hill, another tough week has occurred from various angles, more to come on that eventually. But Hubby and I are still venturing to the 2nd Kenda Cup in our race plans for this year, the Hoo-Ha in Virginia. I’m not expecting to do anything special here but finish. We shall see…

Thinking of everyone in Philly, either doing or enjoying the race! Have fun everyone.