Friday, August 15, 2008

Been a while...

I just haven’t got around to an update. Sometimes I wonder why I’d update, why I blog, what do I have to say to everyone or anyone. I enjoy reading what everyone else writes. It feels as though I should, I feel like I want to. But honestly, sometimes I just wonder who is reading everyone’s blogs. It’s always surprising to find out who has ventured to your page and you know there are always those that you’ll never know that ventured to your page. Isn’t that what this is all about though? But really, I think my lack of update results from just that, my mind being all over the place recently without the ability to put it into a steady thought. This really covers many avenues of my life but intentionally I tend to keep this blog to the riding related aspects of me. Good bad or otherwise, this is just my place to talk, vent or cheer on the riding front. Mostly anyway.

So on that… One of my mental battle’s in the last couple weeks.. I’ve continued to be disappointed with my riding. Where I’m at verses where I believe I could be. Yea, old news… I started this blog by listing my riding goals for this season and technically I didn’t active any of them. About two weeks ago I set a strong plan in place and mentally set the stones in place for what was needed for me to improve. I felt determined. I know what I personally need to do but my biggest struggle is actually making it happen. I lasted a week on my plan. One week. One simple aspect of my plan was just trying to force riding or running into the evenings. I’ve failed. I managed two evenings of activity during my one week “on track”. But even then my plan was three nights and I fell a little short. Sure I ride every weekend, but never enough. I’ve even played with my nutrition even though most times that isn’t what causes my biggest weakness. But funny enough, I think trying to focus on “better” nutrition caused the opposite to happen. I went downhill after week one. Guess that goes along with my downhill love.. but that’s just supposed to be biking! Ha Ha Ha.

On the riding front… Last weekend went down to Iron Hill for a little riding of the race course. For me the purpose wasn’t as much to get to know the course but just have a great day of riding. Achived, mostly. Meet up with some other Guy’s and ran into many familiar faces. Iron Hill is a fun course and was in great shape, I was having a blast. Oddly though, I really fell off after 1 ½ laps and these weren’t pushing myself laps by any stretch. There were many stops. My body kinda quit, not like a bonk but just a suddenly lethargic feeling. I was lightheaded and my legs wouldn’t keep going so for “safety sake” I called it quits shortly after.

So how do I feel about racing Iron Hill tomorrow with 3 laps necessary.. Well. Very very uncertain. I’m hoping last week was just a fluke. But I know it contributed to me falling off my plan. If I can’t ride because of something I’m doing, trust me, I won’t keep doing it.

With racing occurring again, an update will surely follow….

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