Sunday, August 17, 2008

34 days...

And my toe nail is gone. Still looks ugly as anything but now it's kinda creepy looking too!

Easy recovery ride in beautiful weather. Lot's of other roadie's out and about as well. Kayak's on roof tops everywhere. Still felt sore.. fatigued..

Post ride shower, went downstairs to bs with bikewrench and hubby. Mid sentence I realize my toe nail is perpendicular to my foot! Ewwwww!! Hubby thankfully took the "honor" to remove.

Poor bikewrench. He's had to witness this twice in two weeks with another fellow friend, rockstar, having the same occur. But her nail had hung on for 6 months!

Glad it happened after the Enduro.. it just seems wrong to have no nail there!!!

1 comment:

Dan K said...

Geez Blakely- you let that thing hang on that long? I would have just ripped it off at Marysville! Welcome to the tonail-free club ;)