Sunday, August 24, 2008

Half Century with the Dentist

And nope, I didn’t need any teeth work. Today was the Lake Nockamixon Century, or in my case, a half century. Our Dentist, who’s also a fellow rider and friend, was game for meeting up with me to do the Nockamixon ride. Friday night, after a few drinks, my optimistic side stated I’d do the full century. My Sunday morning realistic side acknowledged that I probably shouldn’t attempt to jump up from 20-25 mile rides to a 100 mile ride unless I really wanted the consequences come Monday morning. Which I really didn’t, I do have to function a little on Monday.

So it was decided to take it easy, have fun and just ride until we didn’t feel like riding anymore. The weather was beautiful and though all the roads were mostly my familiar riding roads, it was different than most just being an event, riding with the Dentist and a having a fair amount of people showing. The morning began with hubby and I going down there to meet all the Guy’s riders that hubby would ride with. Not my pace so it wasn’t even a brief thought to join them. The Dentist and I headed out first and the Guy’s were soon to follow. It was awesome watching them all fly by and in a pretty good size train of green. Not quite a blur thankfully, at least slow enough to exchange the quickly passing hello’s!

The weekend excluded any mountain bike time and I honestly missed being on the trails but it was good to just get some miles in. Unfortunately I started having numbness in my feet after about 25 miles which continued to the end and didn’t make me too happy. I wasn’t too surprised to have my nail-less toe be a little aggravated either. It was a ride that I wasn’t physically fatigued after though my legs are a little sore. Overall a good 53 mile day on the bike, enjoying socializing and spinning.

Plus the post ride conversation’s bring more excitement into next year already!!

But before I get too excited about next year, first is my excitement for next weekend. Seven Springs 24hr is calling my name. Besides looking forward to hanging out with everyone and having a weekend full of mountain bike time, it’ll be my first time riding there, first time doing an enduro on a team and first time at a 24hr event. I can’t wait!

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Kim said...

Best of luck at 7 Springs! You will love it!