Wednesday, September 3, 2008

7 Springs 24hr

I know.. a little delayed in this post

Last weekend was the 24hour at 7 Springs that I did on a 5 person team. There were 2 other Guy's teams, another 5 person and a 4 person. We arrived Friday night and spent the evening race prepping. Race prep- talking about racing, drinking, eating.. and drinking some more. Good way to kick off the weekend!

Between our drinks we all went out for a little pre-ride of the course. I went out with another girl on my team and after less than a mile we discovered she had zero brakes. And by discovered I mean I turned around at the end of a decent at a switchback and watched her fly like superwoman into the woods. A good 5 feet but she was okay. Needless to say our pre-ride was over. So I had no clue what the course might be bringing me the following day. And it had an impact.

I was the 5th rider in our team and my first lap was a mess. I was riding like a complete rookie and looking stupid (yes, more than normal). The first 6 miles have a fair amount of rocks, my usual love, but today I was bouncing around in ways never before. Finally after being fed up with this I pulled over just after the mile 6 mark knowing it was a 12 mile lap. My tires were sooo over inflated.. beyond a road bike tire. So I let out air... and probably too much in my frustration. Then I make the next turn and to my surprise it's where the climbing begins! Would have been nice to have the tire pressure now... but it was all gone. I just suck it up not knowing how much climbing might be in front of me. And there was lots! I finally approach the camping area, what was mentioned to me was basically the end of the lap. Ha! There's still over 3 miles. Some fun sections I'd realize later but at this point I'm just pissed. I let the ride get the best of me. By the time I'm going through the last rock gardens my tires are popping out any air left. And no, I didn't stop to fill them. It just seemed to make more since to me to keep riding. I thought I was almost done. On the last climb a teammate on the fast 5 person team passes me and kindly lets me know my tires are really flat. I just acknowledged with a yea and kept pedaling. Finally the lap was over and I was in a very foul mood. I spent a good 30 minutes just NOT talking to anyone and shooing anyone away from me. Finally one of my teammates got me out of my funk and back in the spirit of things. I guess that's some of what teammates are for and it really helped.

After a little nutrition and relaxation it's time for my second lap, going out around 2am. I love riding at night with lights. It's just a different experience and gives me extra energy. I was having a blast this lap and thought I might pull a lap with a great time. But my cockiness came out in the last rock gardens and I hit some rocks way wrong with some good speed. No biggy as I send my bike flying through the air, I managed a run off and didn't hit the ground. Once I get my bike back I realize the front tire is flat.. throw on the CO2 and I'm off. Right after this is a quick little roller coaster that you usually don't have to pedal out of. But not carrying any speed into it I had to. That's when I discover my left foot isn't clipped in and I'm falling backwards. I grab a "tree" to my right hoping to stop but since this "tree" was only a small branch I tumble to the bottom with my bike falling on top of me. My handlebar hit my wrist so hard I thought it was broken and some part of my bike knocked my light off my helmet. Now I'm just rustling around trying to get my light and me back in order. Thankfully the wrist impact was actually 2 inches behind my wrist so it's only sore. I'm still having a blast though and finish my lap with a smile, not a great time but just glad I'm smiling again.

I made a mistake here though and just showered and slept. Forgot the post-ride nutrition part. I felt it on my last lap but since we were getting closer to the noon cut-off I figured I'd be the last rider of our team and just kept it easy and safe. Came in a little before 12:30 and the 24hrs were done.

Then came the post ride drinks and the awards ceremony. Our other two teams finished in the top. Hubby's 5 person team kicked butt all night and came in first while our 4 person team came in 3rd. I'm not sure where my 5 person came in, if my laps would have been faster maybe we'd be closer to the top. I don't think we were last but the results will have to show us for certain. My teammates were awesome in their support of "not caring" about the results.

Certainly an event I'd do again and I'm now up for a 24hr anytime. There wasn't as much socializing after Friday night as I thought might be but more in/out rider prep/rest time. It still made for a great weekend. One with highs and lows but I'll keep all the highs in my memories.

There's a few pic's of the weekend... but you'll have to visit hubby's post for those!

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