Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The season ends..

Though I would expect to be sad, really I’m not. I find myself looking forward to next season already. Not only what I hope to do in the racing arena but also within the series itself, with our teams race and maybe help out on the MASS front as well.

The season came to a close.. only two of us raced in my class.
Liz decided to be our cheering section verses our competitor… we’ll have to work on that in the off season. So second place in the race at Bear Creek…

And the series…

The weekend came to close with a quick tour of Hersey with the folks and their departure back to Florida. Hopefully with a weekend they enjoyed as they were thrown into our world.

Now we're off for an unexpected visit to the vet as our middle boy has been hobling around on three legs.. broken toe? splinter? We shall see..

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Rose said...

Good job and nice pictures!!