Friday, October 3, 2008


Have we really lived in the northeast/mid-atlantic (whatever you want to call it) so long that I’ve actually started to like seasons? I’m okay with winter coming?

This winter will mark our 6th in PA since moving here from Florida, the land of warmth, arriving the end of November 2002, just in time to experience our first winter storm.. Now being Florida ‘folk’ the winters were no easy feat to deal with. Our first winter succumbed to the “heck no, way tooo cold – no way there’s any riding happening”. Couch time it was.

Gradually over the years we’ve been educated about the actual ability to ride during the winter.

Today I enjoyed feeling the cooler air. Me… this is a new one.

I actually find myself looking forward to those winter mountain bike rides. Snow on the sides of the trails.. Clean crisp air.. It’s just a different feel and for the first time, I don’t think I’ll mind it. I might just be looking forward to it.

My realization of this today astonished me..

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