Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cross less..

So yea, I had.
I had thought about racing my first cross races this weekend. But I didn’t. Other things came up and no racing occurred. Really, almost no riding. I thought of everyone doing thier cross thing and hope they were enjoying it. Maybe next year for me.

Saturday morning I was running around and didn’t leave for a road ride until noon, actually decent timing considering it was finally above 40 degrees! I enjoyed my ride for a little while until I turned onto a road normal to my ride route from the house and discovered they grated the entire road! To say it sucked to ride on is being nice. So I turned off my normal route to avoid having to return on the same grated road and low and behold, they grated that road too! After a couple miles of grated road riding, I flated, after a total of 6.5 miles on the bike. Honestly by this point I didn’t even feel like dealing with changing a tire and since Hubby was driving back from his ride I made the call.. ride done. Add to the ride that I wasn’t wearing gloves. I apparently didn’t want to believe cold weather riding is here. Yes, my hands were darn cold!

So I figured for a good ride on Sunday, no particular plans but decided against mountain biking. I haven’t been having the most enjoyable mountain rides recently, for whatever reason (last weekend included a flat as well, one of those pop all the air out and crash flats). But finally around 10:30 I decide to head out on the road bike. Problem one.. I still have a flat. Okay, that’s no biggy. But then Problem two was waiting…

What the heck? No idea how this happened, the whole cable is split apart. But I gave up trying to be the mechanic years ago. So ride bagged.

On the riding front, I’ve summed up this weekend as being a recovery weekend that I didn’t actually need. My last weekend before getting my training right.

Next weekend is the Oktoberfest 8 hour. Should be an awesome weekend seeing some friends we haven't seen in years and hanging with some of the best endurance racers around. Let’s just say I’ll be “racing” against one of the best. I'll be happy if I do half the laps as her...

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