Monday, May 19, 2008

Trail Work and...

Sunday was a cool and fun day working on the Neshimany trails. Of course it’s always fun to play in the dirt and move rocks but this time it was actually with a purpose - Build Trails. My first time “building trails” and it was cool (and a little scary) seeing what goes into making the trails. The occasional thought, so that’s what we ride on?

Didn't ride on the trails after working since the rain was soon to come (add in being a little tired / hungry). Neshimany looks to be another fun race. The section we were working on would only be for the expert/sport racers, which included a nice banked downhill. We walked the trails some when we first got there and I got to see that most the trails look fast, the occasional root or log build up, but overall just keep your speed. Lots of singletrack, little passing room. I'm hoping get a ride or two there before the race and get a better feel.

I've also had little thoughts on my mind since Friday, when I got the news that the company I previously worked with sold to another company. I know, no big deal, happens every day. But this was the company I was with from the ground up, hubby and I were both there. I got to develop and run in some regards, took them public, the reason I was never out riding in 2006 into 2007. The reason we live in PA, the reason we almost moved to Australia last summer. It was just kinda weird to have something big happen with them and not be part of it. But also realizing how glad I am that I wasn't part of it, knowing the caious that would have been. It's weird to know that the name of that company will no longer exist… it'll be gone..

But Friday also brought some great discussions with the company I joined a few weeks ago. Again strategizing about the future, where to go and things to do. I’ve known since I first met with them that it was a perfect fit for me. Great group of young quick thinkers (okay, sucks I’m kinda the oldest in the ‘management group’) but it’s the kind of group of people you can enjoy working with everyday. I get to do all the things I enjoy (sure... there’s always a few necessary evils). Its great being part of what’s happening in the plant again, the day to day details but also taking that step back ‘big picture’ view for the future.

What I’ve thought about (or should I say realized) since Friday. The symbolism. Perhaps best said -In with the new.. out with the old. Really - time for me to enjoy my work life but most importantly allow the time and focus for what really is important to me… Hubby, the boy's, biking - time to be the best wife I can and maybe even the mountain biker I know I could be.

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