Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chivalry is lost…

Not that I care about any of that stuff but yesterday was just funny.

You know when you’re driving and you hear that ‘wonderful’ sound of your car hitting something…. then you wait for it. Reduce your speed from 85mph. The wheel starts pulling… you pull over… confirm… yep, that’s one flat tire. Thankfully it wasn’t completely flat and I was able to limp my way into the turnpike rest stop. (The thought of changing my tire on the side of the turnpike was a little less than appealing)

Called the hubby and let him know I’d be running just a little later than planned. He kindly offered to come assist me but I figure it'd be changed before he could even get to me.

So I pull out all the tools, start loosening the lugs and get the jack turning. That’s when one of the turnpike cop’s pulls up and asks “everything okay?” Which I reply “sure, fine, just changing a flat tire” (in case he hadn’t actually noticed). Now I’ve had a few flat tires in my time and I’ll admit, every time some Good Samaritan would pull over and help the ‘damsel in distress’. And yes, though I was able, I’d let the ‘man’ do it. But last night was a first.

This cop actually gets out of his car, sits on the hood, pulls out a smoke and just starts talking to me while I’m changing the tire. Some casual conversation, some ‘coaching’ on how I should do this whole tire changing process but mostly just taking a break in his ‘work day’. I finish up without many hiccups (okay, the tire I pulled off the car didn’t fit in the trunk! Glad I didn’t have a passenger, they would have been hugging a tire, or curled up in the trunk).

But then the cop compliments my abilities and actually departs saying “I’d shake your hand but… um… yours are a little dirty” No shit jackass, I just changed a tire while you had some smokes. But I just laugh and say “Thanks – have a great day” It was almost like when you thank a cop after he gives you a ticket, the polite goodbye. What the heck did I just say Thanks for???


Travis said...

I know I heard the story lastnight but you get the best post ever award on that one.

rosecy said...

Occasionally, there is a disadvantage to being capable. How nice of you to give the cop a break and thank him for it! I hope the word gets out in the "cop community" based on your rate of automobile speed.

MtnBikeChic said...

I did warn you Mom... you won't always like everything you read here!!