Saturday, May 17, 2008

Great day of road riding…

Yea, I said road riding and great in the same statement…

I drove from the house to Peace Valley Park for my road ride today while Hubby road from the house around the same time to begin his ride. A little chilly out but the sun shining bright. It really turned out being a beautiful day.

When I was in the parking lot getting ready, I noticed a deer watching me. It was the sweetest thing, we just began staring at each other. I finished getting ready and went to the edge of the woods towards the deer – stopped and sat there for a second. The deer was the cutest I’ve seen and as just as inquisitive about me as I was about her. To my surprise, she started coming over to me… within inches. We just started at each other for a few minutes. I had to pull out the camera phone....

It was a nice little inquisitive interchange between us and was a great way to start a ride.
What made it even better was hubby rolling up as the deer and I were saying our goodbyes.

Then the ride began.

So what happens when you mix a very strong sport racer with an average beginner racer? The beginner racer gets worked and the sport racer gets a nice easy ride. It was a great ride for me and it was great to ride with him, I loved it. During the ride my heart rate was higher than any other recent ride. Only 22.1 miles for me but he helped me play around with my riding style, climbing and gearing. I started with a climb that usually challenges me but I managed my way up stronger than normal. We rolled around, up – down - flats, where ever in our normal area and just had a great ride. We finished off with my first stop to Tabora farms and we both got a little post ride ‘nutrition’. Even got a little white chocolate coconut treat for later.

Tomorrow brings a potential mountain bike ride and work day at Neshimany for Guy’s race there this June. Hope the weather holds….

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