Thursday, May 29, 2008

F'ing Logs..

Managed to get a little riding in last night at Neshimany. Meet up with some folks that ride there pretty regularly and the hubby (who had already been in the trails for the past couple hours) willing to take it "easy" with me. Granted I was the weak link even pushing harder than I intended at times.

Neshimany is a fun place. Except all the f'ing log overs that I can't do. I know it's mental, I know I should be able, I know my bike would go over it. Trust the bike... many two wheeled apparatuses just like yours complete the task... you just watched them... But I hesitate and stop. Not the little logs here or there, but the build up log overs. Give me a pile of rocks and no problem... same pile but as logs and I don't. Heck even some larger logs stopped me last night.

So Neshimany is the place I'll use to get me over it. This battle might just result in a few bruises...

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