Saturday, April 26, 2008

The week… and the day before…

This week brought the start of the new job and everything seems great. This week pretty much fell into place with all my expectations and I think I’ll really be enjoying what I’ll be doing there. I’ll need to focus some energy to stop myself from going overboard with the amount of time I spend on “work” and make sure plenty of riding and hubby time happens.

Now if I could only be done helping the prior company… maybe next week…. they are annoying!

Riding… the week only brought one day of riding, if you can call it that. Managed a 12.1 ride looping around a little “crit course” near the house. A little climb, a little downhill. Everything felt great, my legs, biking on the bike, the fresh air, the warm weather and seeing other riders. But I ran out of daylight quickly. Maybe that light in the garage should actually be used!!

Friday night brought Bikewrench coming over (enjoying drinks.... then dinner... and more drinks) and he did some work on mine & the hubby’s bikes. Hubby got his sweet wheels for his 29er, finally! I had these wonderful new chain rings installed....

(the only thing wonderful about them is they actually have their teeth and aren’t bent!!)

Tomorrow… Greenbrier.....
So now the bike’s ready but am I? I can’t imagine anything I did this week will be helping me with the race tomorrow. Though it doesn’t seem to be bothering me, I guess it just seems like another day and being a race is only starting to sink in. It’s not part of MASS, which was/is my goal this year. Sure it’s a national’s qualifier but they say the top 15 in each class qualify and my class will be lucky to have 6 people. More than anything I think I’m just surprised with myself for not taking it serious or feeling the need to do well.

We’ll see how much that changes once tomorrow actually comes…. 4:45 wake up - UG!

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