Monday, April 14, 2008

First XC of the year...

So I wasn’t last…. but I was closer to last than first. (Finished 8 out of 9) Yeah, might as well call that last.

Still overall it was a great day, the first XC race of the year and everyone getting together again. Three of us started out early for the drive down to Maryland with a full day planned ahead. Each of us in a different class with start times between 9am to 1pm. I was looking forward to us hanging out all day, seeing all our friends and fellow mountain bikers. I was amazed and pleased to see how much the MASS series has grown. It’s one thing to see the long list of people registering, another to actually see just how many riders that is starting each class.

That's just a portion of the sport racer's lining up...

My race: I was looking forward to the fast fun Fairhill course. Sitting at the start line, I felt good and only had a little touch of that stomach queasiness you get before each race. And apparently I started well, I was first out climbing the little gravel hill and it wasn’t because I was trying to be, I was just riding. But I shot out at the start enough that my husband and one of our Guy’s racing friends exchanged the “what the hell” looks and comments. That was my personal highlight, from then on it was apparent my pace wasn’t enough to keep the group behind me. I never really felt my legs join me, they just didn’t want to spin. My lower back kicked in about 5 minutes in and went down once on one of those wet off-camber roots. Plus my bike couldn’t stay in a gear and my chain fell off twice. But none of those changed my overall results after a little one lap 7 mile race. There’s work I need to do before the next XC event on May 10, beginner is obviously the “appropriate” class for me and sport class will have to wait until next year. And continue working hard not to be pissed off about it all….

Hubby’s race: He rocks! Not that I was surprised. Awesome race and a great job! It was nice to see him having a great race (safe & fast), seeing him #1 on the podium and seeing that glow of victory in his eyes.
Back in town, the hubby and I visit our favorite Mexican place to enjoy a nice dinner, a little celebration of his victory. But I started feeling my throat a little during dinner but assumed that was just because of the 3 women deciding to smoke behind us (thankfully the last day the restaurant is allowing smoking). I woke up around midnight realizing the slight sore throat was the predecessor of me being sick… my week off… not quite the way I wanted to start it.
Today might be a much easier ride than planned.

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rosecy said...

Way to go: Great start! Here's wishing that you get rid of that cold and have productive training for the next race.