Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stitches, New Job and maybe a Road Crit

Start the week off by dropping the youngest at the Vet to get a bump on his head removed (what we referred to as his unicorn). Left work early to pick up the young lad and had to laugh. Great to see him, but between the shaved head, stitches and his “drugged” state he was comical!

Then the job offer I’d been waiting for finally came. Looks like April is ready to roll in with greatness!

Resigned Tuesday am. Nice way to start April! And yes, I had to convince the boss that it was Not an April fool’s joke!

Tuesday night brought a little celebrating of the new job (beer, beer, more beer... and this morning realizing too many beers).

We discussed the potential of my first road crit this Thursday. The training crits so nothing to serious but…. Should I, Could I, Do I Want To? Embarrass myself, ride in a large group....

I’ll have to ponder that for the next two days…

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