Monday, April 7, 2008

Green, Yellow and Pink?

Does Pink (or Pink in the Saddle) really go with Green & Yellow? That's the question I walked away from Marysville with yesterday.

First, the event was a always! It was our first time out there for the team relay (I only spectated) but hanging out with everyone and being at the first event of the year was truly a blast.

Mike Kuhn, the Oesterling's and everyone that helps put on these events deserve huge props for another great event. Thank you!

Then the green and yellow....Guy’s Racing. More conversations and thoughts about joining the Guy’s team this year. I’ve hesitated so far for no good reason. Perhaps I thought I needed to make my mark first or maybe show I’m actually competitive before joining a team. Or maybe it’s just me feeling that I shouldn't join until I am. But what’s the reason for really waiting? Could I potentially help the overall Guy’s standings? I already know they're a great team, I’m already occasionally hanging around the “Guy’s” with the hubby and some friends on the team. I started the conversation with the Guy’s MTB team coordinator and it looks like I’ll be joining soon.

Even if the pink clashes just a little!

Then my next thought… race category…. what should I really race this year? I know my current pace..

Turtle slow (holding up all those fast rabbits out there.)

I realize I won’t be competitive in sport for a while. Heck, I don’t even expect to be competitive in beginner at first. Maybe just start at beginner and see where the year goes? Maybe try to enjoy a year of beginner? As one of my wise friends said yesterday, don’t jump up unless you have to.....take the year and enjoy it. Maybe I can get over feeling a little pathetic for only doing the shorter mileage.

It’s time for this turtle to stop drinking and get this year going.


Kim said...

First, love your haircut!
Thanks for being a cheerful spectator yesterday (though, you would have had a blast on that course).
My only thoughts on beginner vs. sport is that many times, you'll find yourself wanting more after the shorter distance...I agree in a sense about don't jump unless you have to, but...I jumped into sport before I was "ready" and found myself dead last race after race. Humbling, yes...but I stuck it out and got faster, learned the dynamics of racing (because you are out there among more seasoned riders), and ultimately won some races (and my class overall) the following season.
So, yeah...the first year was tough and demoralizing, but so worth it for those small moments when I could hang onto someone's wheel and follow some badass lines or pass with finesse.
Okay...that was a long winded comment!
As for Guys, I joined their team my first year racing & they remain some of the coolest & kindest folks I know in the racing community. Enjoy the team!

MtnBikeChic said...

Thanks Kim! (Hair and feedback)
I think that's why I was really debating on which class to do, I don't mind getting my *ss handed to me too much, want the extra miles and just overall want to improve. I guess I figured I can just start at beginner and maybe change at some point if I find a little more time to ride outside of races. These tough decisions in life!! :)