Saturday, April 19, 2008

Realizing awesome

Awesome week… just what I needed. And needed more than I actually knew. Not only is it the nicest weather we’ve had since winter, which I truly enjoyed. Having this week off to realize ‘life’ made it even better. This week was my needed reminder of how awesome everything around me really is. How great my hubby is, our three boys are and our little world we get to enjoy is.
My performance on Sunday left me a little pissed to start this week and saying a little pissed is putting a nice spin on it. Monday included a little ‘recovery’ ride.. My mind was running non-stop… What the hell would I need a ‘recovery’ ride for…. How was I that slow… I started strong but let almost everyone by…. Did I not push…. It’s only beginner and I had planned to do sport… 7 little miles took me that long… people run that distance faster than I rode… I’m that much of a f’ing slug! When did I become this… Hubby won his race… I’m so proud and happy… why I am pissed… Have I told him how great he is…. Am I walking around pouting verses enjoying his victory with him…

This was me at the start, far left… yep, good position there, just didn't keep it going.

Monday night we took my bike over to the bikewrench’s house to look at my shifting issues. Guess we should have actually looked at the bike first. Not sure how I did it but somehow I managed to tear off some teeth on my middle ring and bend my big ring… that would explain my shifting issues! New parts on order, again..

Tuesday was another short ride with similar pissy thoughts running through my head. It took until Wednesday’s short ride to begin feeling a little mentally better. Instead of being a “negative nancy” I was actually realizing all of the positive in our awesome little world.

Wednesday is when I finally noticed the colors around me and realized Spring was here! The blooming flowers and tree’s, the sun, the warmth – the beauty!! Wednesday’s ride is when I finally kicked in… sure, I might suck at beginner right now… at least I’m out there riding and racing. 7 miles or 50, I’m doing it. And I know what I need to change and how to make it happen to get what I want. I know I can do better and that I’ve always been an athletic “chic”… but really, making that happen is one thing of life – and I will, but there is actually more to life… and it’s all awesome.

This week was a great reminder of how much I love what our life is, how much I love my hubby, how great our three little boys are and how great it is we actually get to ride our bikes sometimes.

I even fit in a little visit to the new job and was able to meet some of the ‘crew’ I’ll be working with. Seemed like a great group that are just down to earth and seem to enjoy mixing fun and work. I’m really feeling good and excited about this change, including that I do believe the new ‘boss’ will be understanding to occasionally work hours that allow daylight hour riding!

Friday was my first mountain bike ride of the week at Wissa. (Thursday was an enjoyable off day, ignoring the Thursday night crit potential… to busy enjoying the day, hanging with the hubby, painting the homestead and the occasional drink)

Friday was another reality check - how awesome is it to be on the mountain bike. Granted today was just doing my own thing and not racing others but it’s still the same effect of seeing those who love riding and feeling the bike. Today brought another ride at Wissa and the complete elation of being on the mountain bike again! Even got to end my ride helping out a fellow mtnbike chic who’s pup was a little pooped

The awesome week continues, I get some more time with the hubby and boys…. tomorrow might just bring another spectator day with the hubby planning to do lower providence. I love watching his road races (keeping my fingers crossed they remain safe) and hanging out with everyone throughout the day!

Our life… yea, it’s pretty damn awesome! I’m a lucky gal. And I'll make my next race better.

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rosecy said...

Great pictures of the men/boys in your life and you at the start line. I imagine you are done with the Greenbriar Race by now (Sunday 4/27, 2PM). I'm sure that you will post the details!