Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Terrific Tuesday!

2nd day of the workweek and what a terrific day! I made up some lame excuse (dentist) and left work for the afternoon. How could I not, hearing the trail conditions were perfect and knowing what a beautiful day it was there was no way I could sit in that office. (Besides I hope to be resigning from that gig in the next few days.)

So I left the office and got to meet up with the hubby and our youngest boy at the vet (our boys being three German Shepherds.) With the ‘all good’ from the vet, I took off for my sweet ass ride at Wissa. It felt awesome to be on the mountain bike. Climbed slow (which is normal) but the downhill’s felt phenomenal but I found myself searching out any technical line I could find.

This year is my first experiences on a hardtail and today was probably my third ride on it. I love the way the hardtail feels and handles. When I first started riding it was on a full suspension that I rented in Utah and I’ve been on full suspensions ever since.

Last Christmas (2006) I decided to get the hubby a hardtail and admittedly had the hope to ride it myself. He was debating between a 26er or 29er for the last year. But 2007 brought the 29er for hubby and the hardtail became officially mine.

Technically a ‘hand me down’ but I’ll be making a few changes on it for the season. Still I couldn’t be happier riding it.

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