Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The season of Pink begins

25 days until the first race. Nope, not anywhere near ready or anywhere near where my goal was for this particular date. But all the same, the season will begin and I’ll make the season part of getting where I want to be. And here’s my “pink in the saddle” to document it all.

The goals…I guess there's three overall (but step one is getting the ‘extra baggage’ I carry with me each day to fly off .......and needless to say, I don’t care where it flies to.)

1) Podium for the overall sport class in MASS
2) Win a 12 hour endurance race, okay, where some decent competition actually shows. Sad as it is, many of the endurance events only have a few women. Though thankfully, the turnout seems to be improving.
3) Be able to ride with the hubby, serious rides, not just those when he’s doing the easy spin “recovery” ride

Speaking of the hubby, I came home to a couple nice surprises - some of my “gear for the season”. My theme for this year - Pink. So I came home to my Pink Twin Six school girl jersey and Pink helmet.

Let’s just say he takes care of me. We even took the new goods out for a little spin, well, if you can call 7.5 miles a spin. Daylight savings helped, at least some kind of fresh air ride can occur, but I’m adding up those extra minutes of added daylight every day.

During that little spin we discussed me doing my first road “crit”. I’m a mountain biker at heart and gotta admit the thought of riding next to who knows what or who, I’m a little hesitant. I’ve always had the opinion that you can crash mountain biking or road riding, but mountain biking its more likely that at least I’ll cause my own crash. But I’ve gone from saying I’ll never do a road race to, well, kinda curious and intrigued.
Maybe next week…

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Kim said...

Yay! Here's to a kickass season tinged with pink!