Friday, March 28, 2008

Baker's Dozen... Nope

Not sure why I woke up today thinking it would be a great day. Heck, it’s Friday. Maybe that’s enough. But waking up I realized I’d been having all kinds of dreams (not necessarily good ones) about the upcoming race season. Just stupid stuff happening during races/season.

I slept here and there throughout the night, not a great nights rest but I’ve had worse. Woke up excited about the day, had the potential of getting a new job offer and was excited about the weekend since it looked like I could get some good ride time in. There’s only two more weekends before first MASS race and then the next weekend is the first endurance race, Baker’s Dozen. So I thought…

So that’s what I woke up thinking about. Racing.

I finish getting ready for work and that’s when the hubby says “do you want the good news or bad news first”. Bad news first, always (the good news second - you’ll end on the positive, I thought). Bad news – Baker’s Dozen is filled, registration closed. And nope, we weren’t registered… So what’s the good news? “You don’t have to ride for 13 hours”. So much for the goods news…..

I head to the office, still believing a great day is ahead. Dreary out with rain supposedly coming… no biggy, tomorrow is sunny. Ride time! Get in the office and find out a project is going bad. Might have to re-do it all this weekend for Monday.

And lastly, no job offer presented… supposedly still coming but not in time to celebrate it this weekend… or enjoy that feeling of relief knowing I’m leaving.

That kinda sums up my day.

Well maybe the final parts for my hardtail will arrive today and I can enjoy admiring them tonight after an enjoyable Friday night 'dinner date' with the hubby!

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