Thursday, March 20, 2008


So they tell me that Spring is here. I wouldn’t know. In the office like normal and though I might have windows, they certainly don’t show me a spring like day. It’s freezing in my office (like normal) and I’m looking at extremely gray skies. Heck, it looks more like snow then Spring…

But hearing it’s the first day of spring, all I can think about is “if it’s the first day of spring, I should be ON MY BIKE!!” But I'm at work (not to mention the winds are gusting to 40+ today) Sure, I can get on the trainer after work today. That’s always so appealing. Yea, that’s called sarcasm. But considering the races I want to do and the amount of riding I’ve actually accomplished this winter (um.. close to zero) do I really have a choice but to force myself to do it. Add onto to it that I pulled up the forecast for this weekend. Snow showers Saturday morning – UG! Why does bad weather come in every weekend! (Okay, maybe that’s not true but it certainly seems like it. Maybe it’s just because so many days in the winter up here are gray, wet, dreary.. )

Now to be positive. Sunday looks sunny. Maybe Saturday afternoon and Sunday can be road rides. Mountain bike ride – I can’t even remember what that is. The trails (Wissa anyway) have been a sloppy mess for a while now..

Forgot I was trying to be positive.

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