Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend off !

Surprisingly nice having this weekend off, no race! Since all the recent weekends had races and the next 5 weekends having races, it's nice to have one off. Add to it being hubby's b-day weekend plus father's day and you get the workings for a great weekend.

Today began by sleeping in until 8:00!! I haven't done that in I don't know how long and it felt great. Sat down for some breakfast and hubby mentions maybe meeting some folks at 9:00 for a mountain bike ride at Neshimany, leaving me about 25 minutes to get ready. But - mountain biking - Sure! Neshimany to fight by log over issue - you betya! I'll get ready really really quick!! So I did (well kinda), but we managed to get there close enough to 9:00 for things to work out.

My ride became more about me proving I could change a rear tubeless tire. Shortly after getting started I hear that wonderful sound off all my rear air escaping at a rapid pace. Pull out the CO2 and fill her up but she won't hold any air. Turns out I sliced the sidewall and get to hike a bike back to the car. Thankfully we had an extra tire in the car and I got to work. (We'll skip past the part of me not having a key to our FJ and climbing up, over & through the thankfully opened sunroof!) After a little more time than most would probably take, I got her changed and found a little surprise. Ever since hubby "handed down" the hardtail to me, we've heard what we assumed to be a rock rolling around in the tire. Today I became a dime richer as it turns out I'd been having a dime rolling around in the rear!

Just as I'm mounting the rear wheel back on hubby and the crew return from their ride. So I went out for another 20 minutes playing with some various log’s and then called it a day.

We checked out a new place for lunch, had some good grub, good drinks and enjoyed just hanging out for the rest of our day. Good day. Tomorrow… no Stoopid 50 here, no events, nothing planned at all. Maybe some ride time, relaxation and celebrations. Up to the hubby, since it is his ‘double day’. Looking forward to another good day and us doing whatever we feel.

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