Friday, June 27, 2008

24 Hours to the start of 12 Hours..

This time tomorrow the 12 hour's will begin!

Bag is packed, water's are filled, the food is loaded and the cooler even has a few beers for the finish!

Looking forward to what I hope will be a great day tomorrow, except I have no idea what the course will be like! Lets hope flat!! Oh wait, nevermind.. I do know there's a hill climb that most can't make. I think I'll fall into that catagory!

My hope... 8 laps, which will push me. We'll see how long laps take me, seems most do it in an hour or so. Hope I can average 1 1/2 hour laps and squeeze the 8 in! That means I should see hubby about every other lap!

And on my crash, bang incident yesterday.... this morning I discovered I took a HUGE chunk out of my tire (rim too) but after driving on the turnpike 3 times now since taking that chunk out and at a "not so slow pace" I'm shocked the tire hasn't fallen apart. Let's just say I hope to make the fourth drive on the turnpike without incident and then she'll have to be parked until another new shoe goes on... To make it worse, 4 new shoes were just put on two weeks ago.

Oh well.. just means time for me to stop driving and start riding...

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