Thursday, June 26, 2008

F! F! F! F! F!

Backed out of the garage like any other morning. Looked right… only right.
Managed a two for one.


I slammed my Honda into our FJ this morning. Fuck.

Not like the FJ wasn’t in the EXACT SAME SPOT it always is when I back up, on my left. Nothing was different besides my apparent ability to veer slightly right to AVOID the FJ.

FJ’s front end is scratched pretty bad and a little dinted in. Fuck. The Honda’s rear quarter panel and bumper are scratched and dented. Fuck.

No bodily injures, sure it’s only metal/rubber. But Fuck. The FJ’s interior might show its wear from being our “biking” and “dog” vehicle but the exterior was fine. And though the Honda might always be completely filthy dirty, there wasn’t any damage. Today I managed to mess them both up. Fuck.

Thank you hubby for only sarcastically applauding my skills and allowing me to be the most pissed off of the two of us. Some good comments too.. “hey, maybe when you get the body work done on the Honda they’ll actually wash the car” and some more comparisons of me to our young dog.. lack of focus, spaz, etc. etc.

But the best… trying to hand me my riding helmet before I attempted my drive to work - You always make me smile!

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Kim said...

bad month for FJs all around!!