Saturday, January 17, 2009

What was I thinking?!

For a person that gets cold when it’s 70 degrees, why would a single digit road ride seem like a good idea?

I hadn’t been on a bike in two weeks. Hadn’t done any kind of work out. The sun was shining. It seemed like a good idea. I was actually feeling like a long road ride more than any kind of mountain ride. (Very odd??)

The face was in pain, but that went way. Then the fingers went numb, but that went away. Then the toes went numb and it wasn’t going away. I cut my ride shorter than I planned.

Still, I felt surprisingly good overall. Guess just happy to be back on the bike. And I kept my personal goal to never shift into an easier gear than hubby’s fixie.

Tomorrow - looking forward to a great mountain bike ride!!

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