Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fixie ?!?!

Headed out on a little road ride with hubby yesterday on a nice cloudy 25 degree day (yea, a little sarcasm there). It’s not too often hubby and I venture out together, with our different pace and all, but apparently he was feeling the holiday spirit so off we went. About 5 miles in he pulls over, hops off his fixed gear and tells me to get on.

What?? I’ve never ridden a fixie!

There’s the pro’s and con’s of us being similar heights. We’ve ridden each other bikes or demos, I currently ride his old mountain bike and he can pull over in the middle of a ride to tell me to get on his fixed gear. Besides figuring out how to start riding the thing (yes, hubby had to hold the bike in place while I clipped in), riding it was actually pretty cool. I only had one little girl scream moment when I stopped pedaling on a very slight decent. And yes, he proved his point that I shift into much too easy of a gear during any slight incline and don’t really stand enough. All in all, it was a very cool ride.

Today was a no ride day. The horizon looked white this morning...
but that wasn’t snow covering everything… Today brought rain and freezing rain with the high never above freezing. The sun finally came out late in the day and really showed all the ice.

Heck, at least I got some decorations on the tree. And with that, it’s time for a beer.

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